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Lucifersam67 is in the building! (With HPPD....)


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Hello everyone, I'm another new member to this site, I'm 16 and I am pretty certain I have HPPD. The first and last time I took an hallucinogenic drug was last year in October. The drug was called baby woodrow ceeds and they were basically a legal version of LSD but one element away, so LSA. Its quite a long story but my friend and I took the ceeds and we forgot that we were going to a college open evening! Really stupid I know! Basically it started to affect me and I threw up, had to go home. My mum quizzed me for ages that night if I had taken anything, which is pretty stressful when you're not off your face but when you are its horrible. Eventually she gave in and I went to bed. The next week somehow she found out and it was awful. I had so much guilt and regret it was unbelievable! So basically I think I started to notice something was not quite with my vision the next year (this year, about February, March time). I kept seeing big floaters in my vision, static 'snow' and shadows that aren't actually there. I also noticed that sometimes if I looked at the floor, it would start shifting, the same with my gravel driveway but it would look more like a sort of big heat wave, really weird. I also see sliver spots in my peripheral vision and negative images of objects I had been staring at. So for a while I was freaking out thinking I was going blind and this caused a big anxiety problem and I thought I had a tumour in the optic nerve or something. Eventually after a few trips to my doctor they found nothing wrong with me other than heightened anxiety. Then I came across HPPD and it resolved everything, without me getting better of course! But now I know what is wrong with me and it was a big relief. It still does cause anxiety sometimes but I've sort of got used to it because its not like having a flashback, you're just seeing the effects of the drug, which can be quite interesting and even though its pretty much happening all the time, its rare that it gets to a stage when it interferes badly with my day to day life. So thats it, I'm so glad I found this site and hopefully I can get some good advice and guidance.

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