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So my expierience with this is ...absolutely not good....i saw some people here in brunswick wich also suffered HPPD, some of Shrooms and some of LSD too.....They had BIG problems to accept the HPPD. As result of that they won´t tell you anything about your symptoms so

you dont have to think they´re psycho´s.....Worst case i talked to was a 19 Year old guy wich suffered HPPD by LSD.

He didnt accepted his HPPD, and achieved a big psychosis letting him ending taking 2 Acid-Cubes (Yes, Double-Dosage then 1 Blotter) every weekend because he thought he wouldnt have HPPD.....But that just came because he "downed" the symptoms, ignored them, and lived his life like he has done before...The funniest on the thing: He was wondering why the symptoms enhance...I understand people and mostly can understand why they do what they do, but that guy was incredible...i told him his symptoms come from LSD (he had some symptoms i had, just stronger), he said no way, i take this almost every weekend and all is fine...in that moment i said nothing anymore, thats a fucking psychosis, having optics without taking drugs, but saying it´s not coming from it...

Anyways i talked to some HPPD Sufferers and it really wont help you, because mostly they dont even know theirselves what the fuck is going on with them...

thats my expierence, but 99% of the germans even dont know what HPPD is so i think it depends on how informed your country is :D

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I have a friend who is convinced that his HPPD is a "gift." He constantly has "visions" of himself in a past life. He hears conversations with his relatives, and tried to convince me that my HPPD was not a bad thing. He told me at first, it frightened him. He would have strange dreams, and hallucinations. He told me once he learned how to channel it into something positive, it became a gift. It was very off putting. Having known him for a long time, I can with a doubt say that he is going nuts. He doesn't seem to mind it though, so I guess it is not a big deal. My favorite story he told me was that he was sitting in Bio class, and had a vision of his past self handing him an Irish sword. Apparently this "empowered" him. I sort of had that for a little while, I felt a strong connection with Aztec culture, and kept having dreams of myself over looking a vast golden empire from a large sun filled entrance in this huge Aztec temple. I loved the design of there colthing, and the colors. It was weird because I have ancestors from that area, so it sorta felt almost plausible. But anyways, when he told me that I was just like, yeah, okay. . . . . Most of my friends think HPPD is in my head. Of course they are all very wary of psychedelics now that I have it. Still, I think meeting someone with the understanding that they did suffer from HPPD would be awesome. I used to fantasize of a community of HPPDers, where no one drank, and we all live pressure free lives. Hahahaha, seriously.

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