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My Neuro optamoligist told me about this, maybe hppd, dp dr, and visual snow are all the same disorder neurologically, just with different causes. Whether it be anxiety, drug use, or just being born with it no matter it seems that people on this site, dp self help, and those with visual snow all have the same symptoms to a degree. If we can all unite, and get attention the numbers will be too large for the medical community to ignore. Ironically, the treatment may be the same or similar if one is developed for all the forementioned. I think the only way is to unite all these sites and speak out together.

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VS and hppd definitely share alot in common.... i've always been of the assumption that the visual aspects of hppd are natural visual phenomenons that we brought to the surface with drug use. I can't really see how non drug users would get the trippy dp/dr that tends to come with hppd though. If they do, that must be hell

As far as I know, migrane auras come and go? So wouldn't be considered persistent.

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I've read a few cases of people having persistent migraine aura constantly but this might be visual snow docs just call it pma as theyre not sure of visual snow it's only just really getting recognition I've emailed a few migraine ascociations as I might have better luck getting some prescription meds as at least they are aware of the visual distortions also I read somewhere dr and dp are the next biggest mental health issue after depression and anxiety and that dr/dp are closely related to anxiety and that visual snow can even be caused by anxiety In some cases this stuff all seems closely related dr/dp are probs the worst symptoms luckily I have mine under control

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