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Modern warfare 3 for ps3

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i'm not a big video game guy (i have Atari .............and PS2 and one game 2003 Madden) but---- i did go thru a Red Dead Redemption obsession for about 2 months on my friend's Xbox.

Hahaha, you and about anyone who came into contact with an Xbox. That game was infectious. I used to sit up all night drinking Makers, and playing the poker mini game. Those were the good ole days.

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Yeah, the zombie thing was cool. Hahahaha, I totally know what you mean. Those animals were always scary as hell. Nothing like the thrill of waltzing through the desert when WHAM mountain lions slicing you up like carrots. Hahahaha I never went into the woods because I was scared of those damn bears.

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I always like pickin' people off when they were on the turret at that fort ........or you get that one gun that makes their heads explode.....lol or when you are above that weapons cache with a bunch of guys in the valley and you keep getting reincarnated at the mouth of that path-down........it's like an all-out brawl on Live ----knifing, punching, pistol-whipping, fire-storming, sniping, point-blank shotgunnin'........lol

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