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Keppra and Sinemet- My Review

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I'veen taked sinemet with no positive results. The only thing at the moment that gives me some relief is klonopin, but time is a big healer. Im a lot better than a year ago (when hppd started). I want to try keppra and other meds, but im really "new" in this world, so maybe the best is wait a little more and see what happens.

Thanks for sharing your story

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Been working with Keppra for a couple weeks now. It is strange. Affect of visuals is minimal. However this time (had 3 starts before) it didn't give me emotional instability. However I do have irritability and easily speak my mind without the customary politeness people know me for.

Am at about 1100 mg per day. It is more sedating than other stuff tried. Not sure sedating is the right word. One day it completely blanked emotions. Was driving along and couldn't care less whether I was alive or someone jumped in front of me and put a bullet in my head (he'd probably miss hitting anything important B) as there is a lot of air in there). Noting this feeling I asked myself if I cared if I killed someone else ... and the idea didn't mean anything. Thought of discontinuing Keppra after that day but have continued and havent been so emotionally-blanked as that day either. Strange to be a sociopath for a day...

Time will tell if this med helps. The first couple tries improved DR so maybe with time this will improve. The constant 'invisible barrier' is irritating and not something to talk about with non-HPPDers ... as it makes no sense to the general public.

Hope this med helps others.

Am disapointed that Sinemet has not helped either of you two. Take care...

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Yeah i know the invisible barrier too..................you ever see Being John Malkovich...lol

Yep. The feeling of not being connected to your surroundings is what I classify DR as atleast in my case. That's one of the worst things about this disorder.

Being John Malkovich is a great movie. I just watched it the other night and immediately began to think about DR at the parts when they're looking through his eyes.

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