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Keppra Research Study


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The majority of my battle with HPPD is below; if you want to read more of it just go to my intro thread and read up. Feels like there’s enough info on me to write a mini book!

The quote bellow describes my feelings before medication.

Ok, so here's the run down. I've had full fledged hppd for two years after having a terrible trip on LSD. I rather not go into the details of the trip because it will give me a panic attack. The drugs I've done prior to LSD were: 2ce, 2cb, 4fa, mushrooms, cocaine, k, mxe, MDMA, various ADHD medication and a few benzos. That may sound like a lot, but all that was done over a span of 5 years and nothing was done habitually. The only "drug" I did weekly was pot.

Back to the hppd, after the trip was over it became very hard for me to think and talk. It was as if there was a wheel in my head, but the furry animal who kept the wheel going had died. The sad thing is that when I got hppd I was in college at 17, getting a 4.0 and on track for med school. Now, I think I'm one of the most ignorant people out there. I can't go back to school because it's hard to read( lose my place, a lot!), remember, voice my thoughts and the visuals are very distracting. I really don't know what to do, as I've tried everything from meditation to nootropics. Ever since hppd hit me in the face it scraped me bare of my pride, brains, ego, friends and practically my life. Hate to sound so depressing, but It's true. I've tried holding my head up for years but brain fog/anxiety mess will not go away. I would be fine if my only symptom was stuff moving around...this social anxiety is killing my brain. I was never an out going person at 1st, but I came around eventually. And, once you got me talking it was hard to make me stop! Is that person still there?

Guess I rambled on for long enough. Thanks for reading!

Oh yea! I forgot to mention that I'm starting keppra tomorrow. It's kind of my last hope/resort, if this doesn't work who knows what will.

Start taking 250 twice a day then in one week increase your dose to 500mgs and 250 at night, wait another week then go up to 500mg and 500mg at night and If you're feeling up to it take 1000mg in the am and 500mg in the PM the following week. That's the dosage the study suggested and that's exactly what I did. I would have to say it took about 3 and a half months for all my symptoms to subside.

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