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about namenda again, not so sure anymore

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Absolutely need to state this, I took namenda for roughly ten months? or so until I started tapering off. I don't think this is any long term solution for HPPD for me at least. Though I had an incredibly stressful year, year and a half and they may have attributed to coming off of it, I still don't believe it be a long term solution . It for sure helped for a period of time in an overall sense but it seems to be kind of like a stimulant sort of effect, that's why I always had to take it with klonopin and I get the feeling that you could hurt yourself if you took it for an extended amount of time by itself. After awhile, I only started taking it maybe once every two or three days and a small dose, 5mg, it has a really long half-life. And though I can't deny it's beneficial effects in the beginning it just seemed to burn itself out after awhile and you just get what you get. I honestly couldn't tell you if the benefits were long term because I've had a rollercoaster of a summer after a pretty brutal car accident I was in several months ago and got pretty beat up, lucky as hell to be alive. I started taking neurontin about a month ago for nerve pain and in some sort of twist have gotten quite a bit a relief from HPPD from it, maybe more of the mental aspects and after an increase in visuals when I started taking it, that aspect seems to taper off and actually has made it slightly better too, I totally wasn't even looking for it or expecting it. I plan on staying on it for at least several months and see where I'm at then. It made me pass out the first time I took it and made me feel wasted when I started neurontin but that goes away unless you increase to dose. I took neurontin a long time ago, years and years ago and don't remember getting anything from it but I was for sure in a completely different mind state and place with HPPD. I also plan on giving sibelium a try in the near future too so if I get some sort of symptom relief from that as well I will let people know. I really hope I didn't send anybody down a bad alley, I don't want that on me, it worked for awhile but I don't think it's a long term solution at least for me, it just feels like there's too much risk of some sort. Wish everyone the best and try not to think about this so much, it's too easy to stop it all and obsess if you start.

This might not be your experience, everybody is different I just don't want to feel responsible if anybody else tries it and has some adverse effects.

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