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2-CB effect´s on LSD-HPPD?

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Are there known any effects of 2-CB after tripping it, while having HPPD ??

I´ve looked for some info´s about HPPD on 2-CB and found nothing, also the search here doesn´t gave me any result....google also doesn´t tells me anything and on eROWID also nothing....seems that almost no one has done this yet?

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What the.....did you had an overdose or was it just your mind....you know i got stucked by a half blotter, i dont think there was an overdose the reasond.....It´s said that 2-CB is a bit like LSD, all my freinds tell me it isn´t so i wanted to test it....but you let me think about right now...the only drug i considered that did´nt influenced my hppd was methylone, all others had visual effects on the symptoms...

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I too have heard of people taking small doses of Hallucinogens. Specifically shrooms, have helped them overcome HPPD. Who knows, irnoically I tried this a few months ago, but the shrooms were bunk. Chalked it up too good luck, and figured the universe was telling me not to do that or something. . .

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I still take drugs because my HPPD reeeaalllllyy soft, i dont feel like tripping, when i see ghosting its hard to note it because its so low, the only perception for me would be the visualsnow wich i see clearly and the trailing, so i cant stare anymore...

i dont have flashes of colours, colourchanging or anything, only a bit of enhanced colour..

.I note the HPPD when taking other drugs, ive took tons of MDMC and it didnt enhanced the hppd, but alcohol (Social seen less worse then MDMC) affected me reaallyy bad, so thats why im testing...the only hallucinogens i would take would be 2-CB, Shrooms and MDA, not more not less ......

so right now im in rotterdam cause of work, but on 31st ill arrive back to braunschweig and can tell you then my expierience, i planned to take 8mg nasal, cause i dont want a long duration, i think like this: if you cant live without drugs, you got to learn to live with drugs.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So as promised here´s my short expierience to the effects of 2-CB i recieved...

So the first 20 minutes i just recieved a feeling like tripping again, i mean exactly like fucking LSD, really a big mindfuck for me...so i recieved an hour later such a hard Kalaidoskopia that i wasnt able to do anything...i saw everything like 5 to 6 times in my visionfield, so it was absolutely not pleasant, colourflashs and a sounddisortion , ...there strangely i enjoyed it, but afterwards it wasnt funny at all...

after 2 hours around i came down a bit and my Ghosting was unbelievable, everything was blurred, .....

The trailing was always existing, i didnt had to stare and wait, its always been there and messed up all together so i had at the end only big ugly something..Fucking ugly trip, seroiusly.....After around 40 hours i was able to sleep, i mean this normally should go at such a low dose up to 20 Hours max.

So yeah that was the trip, now to the effects i got from afterwards: My Visual Snow increased but decreased afterward, before its been like looking tv really mad

The Ghosting defenately increased, i mean the fucking table is porting to me ...

Now the really shitty part: When i look for example at my laptop and write etc. things around the laptop get a bit blurry, never had that before, that really sucks...but at the the end of the day this also decreased, just got to wait some more days untill i can see if something has really longlasting effects......The trailing also increased, things disappear because the trailing mixes all with all, got to stare really short untill it comes......

I also feel a bit shitty about myself, so defenately a hangover, lasting since 2 days now......It wasnt worth yes, but the first hangover-day

the symptoms where even more mad, in the dark i thought i would trip again, so defenately not worth to take....

ive took shrooms, Methylone, MDMA Crystals and so on and NOTHING, i mean NOTHING was so mad as 2-CB, and my Dose was only 13mg at 78Kg.

Seroiusly stay off 2-CB !

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Yeah .....This I think was the drug that somebody put in my "drink"........i couldn't sleep for like 3 days........And based on my hallucinations, the street name BEES is appropriate because it felt like i was being followed by an hallucinogenic bee.........I didn't start coming out of it totally 'til month 5 or 6.......but i still feel traumatized .............I suppose it could have been another RC chem or another drug ..........but my initial thought after a load of research was 2cB or DOB........so I'm glad you are here telling me this ................Can you get more into the initial hallucinations? I'm really interested because you may be the one who i can perhaps really relate to. Thanx.

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Yeah, Bees is the StreetName for 2-CB , more common its called Nexus ....So the first thing i recieved was a trippy feeling like MDMA mixed with the atmosphere of LSD, the music sounded like i would sit in a big hall, after that the optics started, first really smooth but they didnt stop to intensify until i reached the Kalaidoskopia.

The faces of my friends have been wobbling around and blurred untill they had no faces anymore, and that just was at the beginning........Today i still got a bit the feeling of tripping, but it defenately reduced compared to yesterday.

My ghosting is still more then normally, hopefully this will go away in some days......

Did you also had like small round colourflashes blinking on and off shortly??.....didnt had that afterwards so im defenately coming down, but the effects really last way too long, i expected like 2 days max and im feeling shitty since 5 now

Ive took 2,5g shrooms one time, (Thats an overdose for me) and the plateu maked like 25% of the 2-CB, so its really strong acting....

I noted that im like calmed, not so nervous anymore but i notice how im still fucked up a bit of it...


I tryed alot of drugs with my HPPD now and researching on them for knowing what will come to you when you will trip wont help....I researched on the dosages and durations on Erowid, but no one of the informations there have been correct for me.

May its my HPPD or its just really wrong information, but drugs effects differ for each person so may im really sensitive to it....

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So today i have completely recovered from the trip, and achieved some positives:

My Visual Snow has reduced alot, i still have the lets call it refresshrate, but when i look at Black things i see the black without white dots,

I never feeled like tripping or had Anxietey or Depressions but i noticed that a bit of me died when i recieved the HPPD,

while HPPD i wake up with the same feeling, everyday, i didnt got pissed off and i also didnt got reallly happy, just feeling always the same....But today i woke up and had a completely other feeling, it´s more "warm"....May sound strange to you but when im on the street and see cars, they just didnt feeled to me like cars, more like objects, also with people, i just realize them different then before HPPD......You know the feeling when ur stoned from weed and think that the cars look at you??...I was also a bit paranoid before HPPD but today i really thought everyone is looking at me, didnt had that since HPPD so thats an achievement for me because i noted today that the surrounding of me gives me some response.......

Unfortunately i got some increase in afterimages, they just stay longer then usually, but i can live with that in comparison how the VS and the bit of DR affected me.

The indirect trailing is also away, as it only appeared after the trip im fucking happy it went :D......Also my normal trailing is also almost reduced to nothing, when i stare i notice that im having some trailing but the objects dont move, so im only having the feeling of trailing without having it....really hard to explain if youre not english.....

Im really happy about that and my headache is also gone since 2 days now, thanks to aspirin :D......

So i only can say that in the end i went out really well, ways better then before, but the trip at itself was horrifying.

I only had one big achievement like this when taking shrooms, my ghosting was pushed into the background by it so it wasnt present all the time, it only appeared then when the trailing was setting in, normally its been always present, everything ghosted........So i defenately can say that taking 2-CB helped me, but maybe this all is just being covered from the 2-CB but i dont hope so and think so , because im feeling completely like before HPPD, still with some visuals but my bodyfeeling on itself got back to basics, so im , makes me fucking happy :D

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I wasnt able to find the "about 2CB" section, also on fullscreen didnt find it, sorry, but i found the list of Symptoms very interesting, heres a the list of symptoms i recieved :

The first 30 Minutes:

- Sense of touch and perception of own Body

- Colours and shapes become more distinct

- Sounds and music becomes more distinct (Like standing in a Hall)

- CEV´s

- Sweating

- Halos around Object´s

- Micropsia - Macropsia

- Distressed Feeling

- Flashes of Colours

- Objects move like Waves, Faces deform

- Trailing intensified

- Intense Blurring

Then after 1 Hour:

- Colours and shapes become more distinct

- Sounds and music becomes more distinct (Like standing in a Hall)

- CEV´s (Really Intense)

- Kalaidoskopia (Fucking Intense)

- Colour-Flashes

As at that point i wasnt able to see anything anymore i cant tell what symptoms have been there, i only saw everything like 8 times turning around and blurring, really a Kalaidoskop-simulation, fucking intense .

2 Hours after Kalaidoskopia :

- Objects move like Waves

- Ghosting, always present, normally not

- Trailing always present, also normally not

- Intense Mindfuck

- Sound become more distinct

- Blurring

- Discomforted feeling

- Sense of Touch and Perception of own Body

- Halo´s

- Colour-Flashes

- Objects move like Waves, Faces still deforming

- Not stiff but hard to move the Neck

- Sweating sets in again

After the trip, Hangover :

- Insomnia

- Ghosting increased

- Trailing in perceptionfield,

- Trailing increased

- Difficult concentrating

- Bodyfeeling enhanced, not comparable to the Trip´s bodyfeeling, anyways a bit trippy

- Colourflashes , small blinking dots

- negative afterimages increased

- feeling like tripping when it´s dark

After recovering:

-Trailing is almost away, just get the feeling that it comes, but things dont mix up and dont get blurry

- Visual Snow decreased to like nothing, only see things refreshing but no dots

- Afterimages decreased again but still like before the trip

- Bodyfeeling is very good, dont feel trippy but i´m feeling just more "Full"

- Halos increased, get them more often and brighter

- Increased Heartrate sometimes (Got that too from MDMA sometimes, this will went off in some weeks i think)

- Sweaty Hands

- Ghosting also decreased to normal again

- Headache at the backside also is away today without aspirin, got that since around 2 weeks so that must come from something else

- When i look into the sky i see no dots, but refreshing and tracers still there

- Sometimes i see like black smoke when its bright , but they didnt appeared the last days

- When its really bright i cant open my eyes sometimes because everything is shining, yesterday it was really shiny and i almost was able to see all normally,

reflecting things where still too much for me but atleast not all was too bright.

I´m really sorry i didnt found the section, its upon the Tables ??

Also searched that with textfinder and didnt found , im really sorry...

They tell there that the effects are milder then those of LSD or Mescaline, i defenately can not agree that, never had such a fucked up trip like this.

On 6th July (Birthday of my friend) i tripped 7 Drugs at the same time: Alcohol, Speed, Cocain, Kratom, Ganja, MDMA and MDMC, (first and only time i recieved optics of MDMC , as its been the last i dropped) and the whole trip even wasnt a bit fucked up like the small amount of 2-CB, also my shroomtrip would be laughable compared to the 2-CB trip.......

So defenately the HPPD enhances it OR i´m sensetive to it OR this wasn´t 2-CB, something comparable with more duration and intensety....

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Dancetrooper----------------you obviously have some history with hallucinogens etc. ----------And you have HPPD, right? -------so i hope that you are not still using these drugs-------but-------I found that certain prescription drugs were available easy in europe and some were not-------------You seem maybe willing to try certain things to alleviate the symptoms-------------Could you get the drugs Imigran and Zantic? -------I was thinking if you would see if it help you. These are pretty damned benign drugs: one for migraines and one for heartburn. Tell me if you can get them readily.

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If you had the inclination to do so, it would be cool to see if it helps. No pressure, but what do you think? (would you try it?........or too much $?).................And get some Anco and Bayer Aspirin too.

*****Also: How much do you weigh and are you sensitive to drugs in general?

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So i´m going to try it, i weight 78 to 80 so that fits perfect, thing is this is expensive to me so ive got to wait until 1st, but would be awesome to take something not druggy what could help me so im defenately awaiting for the results :D

Edit: I cant get Ancu but Ibubeta, also Ibuprofen , in total all costs 70€ :/

And yes, my HPPD is only Visual, i dont have anxiety panic attacks or DP, and i still use drugs...on HPPD i tryed: MDMC,MDMA,Opiat-Rebuilds,Speed,Cokain,2-CB,Acohol,Kratom and Shrooms.

Since my HPPD i think im sensetive to Amphetamines and Alcohol also 2-CB fucked me hard, it´s a meskalin-rebuild so i think i´m sensitive to those too.

And on a regular Basis (every 2nd Weekend) i use MDMA or MDMC and Weed almost every day, because these two dont affect the HPPD, they dont enhance my symptoms.....i also cant understand that some people here say MDMA is really worse for HPPD, i used this drug also before HPPD and i still get the same results just that they last longer then a normal guy would use them, but no increases in effects only duration

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Cool man...........the thing is that i think the ibuprophen, zantic, imigran, asprin would be the best for headache-y, migraine symptoms with anxiety.......i'm not sure if it will help you for only visual stuff...........But it is worth a try........You should tell pretty fast with most all the drugs but not sure with the Imigran yet (i will look that up); it may take like a week or something to tell a difference...............

What about some depression? Is that something you feel now too? ...................What about auras and headaches?

......And what other prescription drugs do you take (if any)?

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