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Crazy Dreams


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I had a lot of sleep problems when my HPPD first started but they have become rare since then. However both of the past two nights I have had a bunch of crazy dreams and a hypnagogic hallucination on each night. They didn't bother me that much but I thought that they were interesting so I decided to make a thread where people can share there dreams/hypnagogia.

Night 1: I had a bunch of really odd vivid dreams including one that involved me road tripping with Will Ferrell and a cop in order to save a little girl from Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons). Part of the dream was animated.

At one point I was looking around my room and noticed that my ceiling light was about 5 times its normal size and in black lettering had a message written on it. All I can remember from the message is how it started: "A gift from Father Micheal..." I have no clue who the fuck Father Micheal is so I realized I couldn't be awake and i tried opening my eyes (even though at the time it seemed like they were already open). They did open and I saw the room the same but with the normal light, when I closed my eyes again I still would see the alternate room and I could open or cose my eyes at any time to switch between the two. I think I was probably asleep with my eyes closed for the whole thing but Im not really sure.

Night 2: I had a bunch more crazy vivid dreams that I cant really remember. At one point i dreamt that I was lifting something on my back deck. All of the sudden I started to drop it and I heard everyone around me gasp I got that really intense feeling you can get on a bad tripp of being pulled into another dimension as I started to fall. Then everything turned white and I thought I was dead for a second, then the white started to fade but I couldn't move at all, then i realized I was in my room and a second later I could move and was awake.

Where does my mind come up with this shit?

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