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Coping; Becoming Normal

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I feel really bad for you man I know how bad DR/anxiety can be and am very grateful that mine didn't last very long. For me staying busy and going to school actually helped me cope a lot, it kinda forced me to act normal and helped forget about what I was going throug but at the same time I let people know what was going on so they wouldn't think I was nuts when i would just stay quiet and shake all lunch. What gave you HPPD? How are your visuals? If you aren't already staying sober you should start imediately dont even drink untill you are feeling better. Exercise and eating healthy can make you feel a lot better, playing a sport can be great. Maybe try meditation. I think treating your anxiety will help relieve all of your symptoms, lots of people suffer from anxiety so there are plenty of methods out there for dealing with it. You should realize now that there are some really important things in life, like health (physical and mental), and that a lot of other things dont matter nearly as much as some people think they do so it doesn't make sense to worry about them. Stick with it man, you will be feeling better soon.

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I am like you.......i have had to drop out of 2 schools because of hppd......and i hate to talk to people particularly when i am feeling bad. 1st thing, don't let yourself be put in any pressure. If someone (parents, family, friends etc) says yeah come hang out with these people and you know you are not going to enjoy yourself and you will feel anxiety, don't go! Reduce your anxiety to zero. Don't feel pressured to fit in. Abandon etiquette, custom, "normalcy", negative "psychic" energy, and judgmental people. (at least for a while). Remember as long as you are doing the right thing for yourself, nobody can force you into negative social situations.

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I know how hard it is to get along with these feelings myself. When it was really hard I just laid on my bed at let it do with me whatever it wanted. At this time I did not know about HPPD at all. I was completely on my own with that and I did not know how to handle it...

Now I avoid stuff which causes dp/dr and anxiety to get worse, at least I try it. It does not work always. When it couldn't be avoided distraction is really helpful or just taking a walk in nature. I just look at the things and realize their beauty. This world is not a bad place, there are just circumstances which want you to think it is.

I know this all might sound strange or useless... but I don't know how to put it in better phrases.

It's just important to listen to your body and do want it "tells" you.

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