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Any advice on recovery will try anything Help

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^yeah I never tried meditation but I've read about it really helping out some of the people here.

Anyways I wouldn't really recommend using them because of the addiction and crippling, long lasting withdrawals but you could always try the occasional use of benzos. Know what your getting into though if you chose to go down that route. Valerian root is a supplement that apparently has GABA in it and it reduces visual snow for me.

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Personally for me, meditation makes me feel all spaced out and makes my HPPD/Derealization worse. But, you've gotta find what works for you so you should give it a shot and see how that goes. Exercise really helps me more than anything else I've tried, particularly cardio more so than weight lifting but both are helpful. Also, eating healthy helps quite a bit. Honestly though, other than that the best thing you can do is just stay sober and play the waiting game. It really sucks, I've had this shit for about a year and a half now, and truthfully it's far from going away completely but I've still made substantial amounts of recovery. You've just gotta keep moving forward.

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