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What to ask my neuro

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I have an appointment with a neurologist on August first ( was a 5 month appointment wait )

Basicaly im going to ask for some tests, ask if id suit sinimet/keppra whatever, see if they can give me advice and answer Qs. I may also get them to recommend me a shrink

I understand neuros are few and far between, some people are unable to see one, if anyone has anything they would like to know or are curious about please post and I can ask

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Although what we have is different from persistant migraine aura it is simmilar and I for one have a family history of migraines so it would be interesting to see if he thought there was a link.

Also it would be good to know how things like antibiotics or alchohol or other medications effect the brain and whether he has any ideas or suggestions that could be helpful in that regard.

Make sure that you go with evidence.

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