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Fundraising For David


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I'm posting this without David's permission but the guy is in Iceland where the culture and medical community are very accepting and encouraging him to do his work.

Due to circumstances beyond his control he is in enduring financial hardship. With over 1000 members I think we should try and insure he accomplishes what he set out to do.

I paid to keep the website up and running this month but am able to donate $30 to him personally. This translates to one days worth of paying for lodging along with food money.

He's doing things very few of us could ever dream to accomplish and we owe it to him and ourselves to help him out. Talk to your families and friends as they should know there's someone trying to help you.

We have to become a patient funded source until this condition is fully recognized as a separate entity by the APA & AMA before we can qualify for government grants. This could be our one and only shot in making this happen.

Figure a few years down the line where we have a reality where this condition is fully recognized and funded based on our efforts or one where the website is gone, Dr. Abraham is retired and David could not follow his dream.

We can't let that happen.

I pledge $30 this month to help David.

Go Frodo!

Throw that damn ring into Mount Doom!

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Problem is i cannot use paypal anymore since it got jacked. But It'll look into if i can use someone else account. What would be great though if you, hope1, could give a status update in a month since you post the link. Then we'll know if the community is ready to raise enough funds to make this something long term. I'll pin this for a month and then we evaluate.

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Just sent David a message asking for a link that will enable us to donate what we can.

Talk to family and friends and raise money. That's how a patient funded medical research works and once David published a study that gets APA recognition and a change in the DSM iccurs, the federal money will come.

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Man I don't know.

I'm in limited contact and haven't received much in the way of info. I suggest sending him a PM.

For what it's worth, I tried and just want to say the Hope1 has all the love for David and all boars members.

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