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Does HPPD effect cognition


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I believe, HPPD is partially caused by the response to trauma and the idea that you will never come back. I know bad LSD trips and traumatic events are linked to memory and the remembered feeling associated. Well we know that HPPD is like a "brain injury". And lots of times, you will see people with HPPD and sort of a quasi-psychosis. Psychosis, anxiety, panic, visual disturbances, they certainly can't help too much with cognition. Plus, I've felt "retarded" from this disorder and flashbacks and that didn't go away for months. So I can tell you first hand. Also, the ability to concentrate seems to be impaired, as well. Considering all neurons are kind of all linked, I can't see how this doesn't affect most of the whole nervous system. I also feel that it hinders executive functions, fine motor skills, and creativity to certain degree.

I understand that you can blame some of these bad dissociative feelings and visual disturbances on raphe neurons, trauma-established pathways in one or more of the brain's memory-areas, i don't know, GABA, A-H axis, whatever. But what the area is that is affected, it may possibly, and most likely, have an effect on the rest of the brain and body. And eventually, ends up cerebral.

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I have come to the conclusion that HPPD and hallucinogens can affect cognition. I would say that asking if HPPD effects cognition is like asking if a bad-sprained ankle affects walking.

Would you care to ellaborate why?


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Sure......i think this is based solely on my own experience: i'm not as good as at math (while as I had been a very good math student), I feel stupid, "brain damage", can't think straight, etc. Just my opinion, at this point.

I felt the same way but it went with the anxiety (and came back with it yesterday, but its almost gone again.)

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Yea i pretty much live in slow motion its taken 8 months just

for me to get 70 percent back to normal i still see visual snow, trailers

Etc. It was caused by dome asshole that laced my pot

Then i smoked regular pot and that made it worse. Does

Anybody know if marijuana alone can cause hppd?

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Probably affects my attention/focus the most. It can be distracting if I'm trying to focus on something visual. The more I obsess over trying to find errors in my perception though; the worse it can seem. So then; it's best to not look for errors. Even people who never have taken psychedelics could find errors and weird distortions if they focus long enough on trying to find those things..... And I'm not trying to say this is just all in everyone's head; there's definitely an autonomic physical part of it; but a lot can be done in reducing obsessions.

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