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Why is my HPPD getting worse?


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I was on a binge on shrooms and stopped a little over a month ago after a bad trip. I have never done any drug (except the shroom binge) or smoked, and I don't drink. I stopped taking mushrooms and vowed to stay away from everything once I noticed very mild symptoms. But over the past week, it's been getting worse on its own. Now, I see patterns on the walls, carpet, and my bedsheets. I see static all the time although it isn't that bad (but worse than before). And I have slight after images and closed eyed visuals.

I was wondering if hppd got worse on its own for you guys. I can handle the hppd now but I am worried because I don't know how much worse it's going to get. Do you think it's time visiting a doctor and getting on benzos? I was thinking maybe that will prevent it from getting worse.

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Unfortunatly, we tend to check our visual field to see improvement... But often start noticing more and more stuff.... There is a good chance that alot of what we see was always there, but as we look, we notice... and it is like pandora's box, can't be closed.

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In the early stages of HPPD symptoms often fluctuate. Don't worry, like the others said it is one step back then two steps foward. As time passes you will see improvement even though there will be an occasional week worse than the few that preceeded it. I got my HPPD from mushrooms too, my symptoms were up and down for a while but now, 5 months in, I'm almost fully recovered. I would see a doctor but don't ask for medication unless you are desperate. Stop looking for visuals and most of the new symptoms that you are describing will go away, at least they did for me. Give it time. You will be fine.

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