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My Story and I just want some feedback/advice


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I'd also like to add i had a bad expirience with methoxy awhile back that was brought on by smoking marijuana but that was way before i had any of these problems and I smoked a ton of weed and drank a bunch with nothing. It appears this particularly strong acid is the culprit, ive done lsd 3 times total but the first time was way before and a joke compared to the 2 times i'm reffering too also im 20 years old.

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When i drink it feels really nice when im drunk and then i feel very bad when sober

Welcome to life buddy :D

But anyhow, my situation is pretty much identical to yours. Did acid 3 times, short bad trip brought on by weed, tripped off weed the first couple times after the lsd, same exact mild visual symptoms, etc. Seriously haha, I feel like I'm talking to a 6-months-ago version of myself. YOU NEED TO STAY SOBER! I only got HPPD on new years day this year, but I've been smoking moderately and occasionaly drinking since. In fact, I just went completely sober a couple weeks ago. Your injury might have something to do with it; but only because of stress/anxiety that accompanies injuries. It sounds like your HPPD is mild so please stop drinking and smoking, I think all your symptoms will go away if you stay sober. I wish I had, and I feel like I would have healed by now if I didn't smoke at all. All my friends are potheads too haha, but you just either need to tell your frat bros what happened to you and how you cant drink/smoke anymore, or just find some new friends. BUT SERIOUSLY STAY SOBER! now my visuals are a little worse than when it all started and I have anxiety out the ass. good luck and I know you'll heal in time if you stay sober ;)

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You don't have a very serious case of HPPD yet, but it could get worse if you aggitate it. Try to stay sober for a few months. Eat healthy, dont drink too much cafein, stay hydrated. If the visuals make it hard for you to sleep try some over-the-counter sleep aids like valerian root but I wouldn't get anything prescribed. If you stay sober for a while I'm sure that you'll be feeling much better, after you fee like you've healed you might be able to drink again but take it easy and rememer that it is risky. I don't think smoking again is worth it, trust me you don't want to make what is currently a very mild case into a serious one, HPPD can be hell.

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