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Pupil dilation drops at the doc, experience!


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A few weeks ago I check my eyes too and the doc also put the drops in my eyes. I was pretty nervous because I would have dilated pupils as if under the influence of LSD. They were 5 hours of extremely blurred vision.

Merkan, your pupils are dilated slightly than your pre-HPPD?

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Had my pupils dialated twice with hppd, Ghosting goes absolutley nuts and you can't read anything close up, rays of light coming off the ceiling. It always returns to normal but i hate having it done lasts like 4-5hours. You might notice as well that if you get something in your eyes, they act the same like it can't process the interference on your eye or something, or when you have dirty glasses on or looking through scratched glass on say a bus window, the ghosting will be more intense

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