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celebs with hppd...possibly

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Not so much now im a junglist and hardcore dnb fan but when I was younger I was right into the band placebo. And the other day I remembered the video for meds...its almost hppdish. Youtube - placebo meds. See if u agree. It definately has elements, warping ground. Moving patterns brian sees. I know brian is a big drug fan so it could be hppd inspired. Iv also heard rumours bono from u2 has it. Hence the shades. Also a famous painter, fuck was it monet or van gogh

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I always thought that Kansas's Carry on Wayward son could be about HPPD.

"Once I rose above the noise and confusion

Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion

I was soaring ever higher,"-possibly describing how he veiwed pschedelic drug use

"but I flew too high

Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man

Though my mind could think I still was a mad man

I hear the voices when I'm dreamin'" sounds like HPPD to me.

I know that it probably isn't about hppd but it does match my situation perfectly. I love songs like that, that might not seem to make sense at first but once you have a certain experience you can relate to them perfectly even if it isn't in the way that the writers intended.

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Man that sounds very hppd like indeed. Didnt realise ozzys basist had issues. Iv been reading a bit. I think brian from placebo does have hppd. Hes always been a personal hero even more so now. Especially that track meds, lyrics combined with video seem to be about him slipping momentarily over the.edge into a drdp or panic attack because he hasnt had his benzo

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Adam Duritz, lead singer and songwriter of Counting Crows (one of my favorite bands from the last 20 years) is known to have DR and DP. In the song I Wish I Was A Girl he sings "I wish I was a girl so that you could believe me

And I could shake this static everytime I try to sleep" I wonder if he had HPPD.

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Maybe this is how we should raise awareness for HPPD. We should try to contact celebrities that have it or other mental disoreders. I'm sure that alot of musicians have aanxiety or hppd from drugs. I cant do anything tonight but I think I'll try tomorro.

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me too, i think im gunna email brian from placebo and ask. i dunno if u agree but, this is very HPPD in my eyes

hat just sounds like a DRDP attack right there....him falling off the edge of reality, people walking past looking at him like WTF?

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Not sure if anyone here digs Animal Collective but they're far and away my favourite contemporary band. As a psychedelic/experimental act it's not too surprising that they openly discuss drugs pretty directly now and again in their lyrics, both positively and negatively.

The lyrics to a song called Laughing Hieroglyphic off Avey Tare's (one of the cornerstone members of AC) solo album Down There jumped out at me when I revisited it recently:

I didn't think you were

Struggling so long

With all of the wild things

That we took so young

How it must have wrapped you up

And left you hanging upside-down

When I was too busy getting lost in

The big sound, the big sound


Lately I've been seeing beings

They look like they float at the back of my headroom

I don't find it strange, but I'm talking to you


The whole song seems to be addressed to someone he was once very close to who he fell out with through their developing personal issues and him moving on to pursue his musical career. HPPD or not it definitely sounds like some kind of psychedelic-related mental health thing was going on with his friend.

Maybe it's just the Cymbalta withdrawal but this really resonates with me, I'm choking up a little, hah.

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