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  1. I took a case all the way through the Social Security system for a client with HPPD (pretty severe, usual visuals with intense derealization and depersonalization). Unfortunately, we lost at the last level of appeal. If anyone has successfully obtained ssd/ssi with a primary diagnosis of HPPD please contact me. Ymmiteegam@hotmail.com that is my personal email that I am the only one with access to. Any responses will be kept strictly confidential. A precedent would be huge.
  2. University Toledo Medical Center. I've been their star patient for the last 12 years or so (1 and only case of HPPD, they always bring the medical students in to chat)
  3. Thanks for the response, visual. my hppd diagnosis is well documented with the medical college U of T. I was probably the 1st case they had seen and by and large they have been very helpful to me. I still take klono 1.5 mgs a day and function well. After 30 years though (I was 18 at the onset), I still have my struggles. Eternal battle I face is that I do strive for a place of "acceptance" (it is what it is) and resignation (I am going to feel this way the rest of my life, kind of a hope killer). Can wear me down. Going to keep working ln the sinemet, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? y
  4. Wow. talk about brain trauma, most of this post is way over my head. The first step to a solution is to identify the problem. I think the problem is that we cant identify the problem. neurologically, we cant say that it's that portion of these neurons, or those neurons, Everything effects everything, it's part chemical, part physiological, and it really is neuro-soup (not that I dont totally appreciate the efforts here). 30 years of this and for me it still comes down to trial and error. Some things help, some dont, none seem to "cure". Thats not to say that we cant better identify and refine
  5. good idea about a neurologist. current issue is my old GP moved, my records are still at the "clinic" and always need a referral to see anyone. Going to try and see the "new" GP (dont even know who it is) next week and see if they will prescribe or if not at least give me a referral to neurologist. ymmit
  6. Dr.'s apt. yesterday-FAIL! Wouldint go for the sinemet script, "outside scope of facilities general treatment protocals". Really didnt want the responsibility, although they said they would talk with my GP or whoever about prescribing it. We'll see. GIVE ME POSITIVE FEEDBACK ON SINEMET PEOPLE! (I always could be a demanding *uck ) ymmit
  7. Ymmit alive and fairly well here in the midwest. seeing dr today, having been debating whether to go for a keppra script or sinemet. Decided going to try the sinemet if the dr will go for it. really hoping it might help with the dp/dr more than anything. any studies anybody knows about regarding just sinemet and hppd would love to have info. plus, i know there are tons of posts, so many that it makes it difficult to really wade through them, so I am just throwing it out there: has anybody experienced noticiable improvement with sinemet (in particular any improvement with dp/dr). if so, please
  8. shooting for the sinemet next week, thought I'd go for that over the keppra. we'll see. ymmit
  9. Just hit my 30 year aniversity of 24/7 HPPD. Some of you "old-timer's" probably remember that I used to be pretty active on "the board", not much anymore. I function fairly well, chugging along on my 1.5, 2 mgs klono a day, although I still have the occassional "heavy" dp/dr days that basically suck. Headed to shrink next week, going to request a script for sinemet (considered keppra, but decided the sinemet sounded like a better choice for me). Bringing the blurb about Dr. Abraham's study (I know, it involved drugs in addition to sinemet) but was wondering if there is anything out there study
  10. valid excuse to stay the hell away from Walmart. something bout that place, lighting or whatever, can bring on heavy DR in me.
  11. The big thing I notice with klonopin (admitted long time fan here) is the effect it has on my static. kind of acts like a visual "mute" button, the static is still there, but doesnt seem as "defined", less "jumpy", not as distracting. other benefits definately makes it easier to get to sleep (same thing, tough to go to sleep when you close your eyes and it's a full-on static extravaganza), and klonopin is of course a benzo often prescribe for anxiety. talk to your dr. might want to give it a try. ymmit
  12. head pressure, brain pressure, head fog, I always think of it as "thought pressure" that sometimes does seem to have a physical component. i'm known for my "pregnant pauses" as I try to formulate a response. weird thing (although I know others experience a similar reaction), gaba pentin (neurontin) has a strange effect on me. initially when I take it it makes the brain fog worse, but then better. kind of a thought assimilater then a brain "flush", then it helps me focus AND IS THE GET *HIT DONE drug for me. definately has something of a stimulant effect and helps me motivate. ymmit
  13. MY visuals have been fairly stable within a certain range for many years. seldom get too freaked out about them anymore. it's the dp/dr that's always been the ass-kicker. thats usual manageable too, although it adds another level to the normal challenges of life. ymmit
  14. Ymmit here, just glad I found new site, been away dealing with life, unfortunately still trip'n, but managing. ymmit
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