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  1. Siema Stary, kopę lat, jak tam żyjesz? Co do tematu, to ja też próbuję dostać Kepprę, albo chociaż Sinemet, ale ni chuja - każdy lekarz ma mnie w dupie, pierdolą głupoty, że to tylko wina lęku, przypisują SSRI i czasami alprazolam, mówią, że jak lęk przejdzie, to znikną powidoki, śnieg optyczny etc Powoli się godzę, że będę musiał z tym żyć, na imprezy zamiast alkoholu mam zamiar przerzucić się na GBL/GHB, czasami tylko kilka piwek, zamiast THC zaopatrzę się w dużo CBD, do tego klonazepam na sytuacje kryzysowe i na kaca. U mnie HPPD stoi w miejscu, oprócz palinopsji (ja już nie mam pow
  2. Yes, I have very dry eyes, also red and swollen, I always look like I had just smoked a joint. I use eye drops containing sodium hialrunian in bulk. In the morning I do "massage eyes," but I always look like a junkie PS A few months before hppd had lasik surgery, it also could be affected.
  3. I got palinopsia from overdose 6-APB (similar to MDA). It started a few months after the incident, during a panic attack on a hangover. I was just trying benzo, it helps just to not worry about it, especially the 2mg Xanax and a few beers, then had it completely in my ass and I noticed less afterimages. I spent a lot of time searching for the people cured of palinopsia. Unfortunately, these people just have not found. I heard about the case of cure of palinopsia after mdma. It happened after using fluoxetine. http://apps.scco.edu/ceonline/courseview.asp?selclassid=10&selID=85&selOr
  4. I don't want to scare you, but for me it gets worse and worse. Palinopsia is my worst symptom, worse than the anxiety and derealization. It steals every second of my life. I got it for almost a year. Since then, I don't pay attention to bad stabursts, visual snow and breathing of objects - palinopsia overwhelms these symptoms. Californiaguy, how bad is your palinopsia? I now see exactly like the picture, sometimes even worse.
  5. Hi, I also have surgery after breaking nose. Unfortunately, with general anesthesia. I have surgery in a few hours and I don't know if it's worth the risk. My afterimages are huge and don't want to wake up blind. Please some quick advice, operation starts in 7 hours!
  6. 1. 22 2. Marijuana (1000+ times), MDMA (15-20 times), Mephedrone (15-20 times), Cocaine (5-10 times), Speed (5 times), 6-APB (5 times) 3. 6-APB (very large dose) 4. No
  7. Unfortunately, my palinopsia is getting worse I have previously seen a clear faces on the walls and sidewalks, but now I see the whole car if I look at the sky or the people from the feet to the head, regardless of background. I hope that this will improve as in your case. Otherwise, I'll be almost blind... How much time you noticed improvement? Do you drink alcohol? Does alcohol increase your afterimages? Thank you in advance for your reply
  8. I ruined my life, there is no hope...

  9. Visual, I have good news. All the non-visual symptoms including Lhermitte's sign disappeared after taking methylcobalamin 5000 mcg sublingual tablets (b12 deficiency symptoms: anxiety, depression, headache, numbness, muscle spasms, Lhermitte sign's). Therefore maybe it is not a toxic encephalopathy? I would like to ask one more question for you. In my country the nerve-tonic for brain repair like GPS is only on prescription and Sinemet is only for Parkinson's patients, so I bought "more natural things" like Mucuna pruriens, Gotu kola (nerve cells regeneration) and St John's wort. Do you think
  10. Hi, everyone! I would like to ask you a question. Does anyone have a "real" palinopsia? In other words, positive afterimages, same colour as the object I was looking on. I have constant "strong afterimages" after looking at objects and "tracking afterimages" after looking at lights. Strange thing - I don't see trails behind moving objects. It looks like on this video and picture: http://palinopsiafoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/afterimage_ship.jpg I will be very thankful for your answer. Good luck everyone
  11. Currently, I have physical symptoms such as: numb two fingers (V, IV of left hand), Lhermitte's sign (I never took any SSRI or other medicines), sometimes uneven pupils (right pupil is a little bit bigger), warm in right part of head (florid right ear), formerly the dizziness, I feel I'm falling down when I go to sleep, sleep apnea and sleep paralysis, stiff neck and muscle spasm. I take magnez, b12 vitamin and fish oil. I have had brain MRI with contrast (OK). I will have soon MRI scan of the cervical spine, but I think that everything is alright. Visual, I would like to ask one more questi
  12. I have numb two fingers of left hand (IV and V) 24/7 since first panic attack (7 month ago). Paresis was worst at the beginning, now it's better - I can unscrew crown cap, tie my shoelaces etc. By the way, could possitive afterimages bu cured or decreased? If they increased - how long may display (1 sec, 5 sec)? Could they make difficult driving of vehicle? What is your thought? Sorry for my English, I hope it is understandable
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