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  1. I took the B vitamins and the D3 as well as used the lotion for about 3 weeks, maybe 4 weeks. It seemed to be doing something and in a good way but honestly at the time it just seemed like too much on me to keep doing forever. I had a very severe case of HPPD and still do to this day.
  2. Thanks for the 7 year bump lol. I've been browsing thru this site recently and I just noticed the magnesium post. I once tried this with magnesium lotion. It was actually created for cramps, muscle spasms and that sort of thing. However I emailed a man named Dr Shealy and told him about my condition (HPPD of course) and he instructed me to try rubbing it on the bottom of my feet as well as take B vitamins and D3 50,000 units daily. I must admit that it brought some pretty interesting results while I was using this combination of things but the effects only lasted if I kept using them. A long s
  3. Whats the criteria to get involved in a study such as this? Thanks
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