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  1. wow thats truly amazing! I hope you'll be fine with me suggesting your advice in my presentation as a way of coping ?
  2. OMG!! can you pleasee send me that link, it's exactly what im looking for Thank you so much thats actually useful information
  3. ahh i came a bit late so at least i was spared from having to read his comment
  4. Yess! i forgot to mention as LSD doesnt cause a disease i was allowed to do a disorder instead, hence HPPD
  5. Oh godd! Thank you so much for sharing that with me, i really sympathize with you. Please take all the time you need!! How about this, once i gather all my information for HPPD, i'll send you the powerpoint maybe it'll ease your mind a bit? I'll put a link to another forum i made in another website and a lot of people with HPPD responded with amazing answers! https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/hppd-experiences-you-could-share.906485/ I hope it helps
  6. Hellooo!! I am a student currently doing a research task about a chosen drug and a disease it causes. I got LSD I understand LSD doesn't cause diseases nor does it essentially "cause" HPPD but studies have shown a connection between LSD consumption and HPPD- increasingly more then other psychedelic drugs. I was hoping for a few people to maybe share their knowledge about hppd, and maybe share a few experience? Basically anything will help I've been on one forum before and got a few replies, so i have a basic understanding Regards, A curious student
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