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  1. Yes I'm sure, But that doesn't mean others have little to no issues. I have 0 idea why this could be the case but it is? Before I even got HPPD I tried vaping nicotine and I had averse reactions to it then too. It was nauseating, I was sweating and clammy. and was overall uneasy, borderline anxious. If I don't get any legitimate answers within the next few days for hemp flower I might just be a guinea pig my self and go for it tbh, sadly that's the only true way to find out if it's "safe". I realized I only ever had problems with it after combining the 2.
  2. It was just tobacco and hemp but I had a negative reaction to it, which I thought was odd too lol. The hemp it self never really caused any problems, atleast that I could see short term. The problem here is I don't know which one did it and caused the relapse. That's why I'm wondering if others had a negative reaction to it.
  3. So I'm gonna start off by saying I've smoked hemp flower before and 90-95% of the time it worked. (20:1 CBD to THC ratio) But I got cocky and rolled a "blunt" with tobacco leaf and had a huge relapse. Took me another year to get back to my semi normal state. And it even made the hemp give me anxiety so I had to quit for that year. Well now that I'm basically back to how I was before smoking the tobacco I want to try hemp flower again. But of course I'm fearful because there is still traces of THC and i just get general anxiety thinking I could prolong my HPPD or make it worse you kno
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