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  1. Thank you Nick. I don't do any drugs now. I started exercising again, it's funny you say even if you feel worse. because sometimes I do while working out, but I feel better after. Eating well is something I can work on. I need to find a job I like, not to happy now and it makes my symptoms worse. Trying not to worry is really hard, I'm scared a lot because of my suicidal ideations and my intrusive thoughts tear me apart and I don't know how things will turn out. God is something I can work on. What are your experiences?
  2. Hi Everyone, This is my story, if you have any answers on how to seek treatment that would be great. I started smoking marijuana in Fall of 2014. I got addicted to it by Spring of 2015 and had to smoke it every day, multiple times a day, I couldn’t go without being high. Soon I got into psychedelics in December of 2014. I started with what I thought was LSD. I say thought because I never tested the chemical compounds, so I don’t ever know what I took or the dosage(s). My tripping buddy and I would always smoke marijuana first to enhance the trips. I would take LSD orally usual
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