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  1. I can only imagine what some of you folks are dealing with, I do count myself very lucky.
  2. I get some peripheral vision motion occasionally but that's about it.
  3. Thanks Nick, I really appreciate your thoughts. I think many of us may be self-medicating for other conditions and I, too, have gone completely abstinent for years at a time but at the cost of some 'deadness' which prompts me to seek relief. I have generally stopped short of really self-destructive behavior and as I get older I have been mellowing out which helps a lot. I exercise regularly and have done so for years now, so that is a pretty well-set habit. I feel no more need for drug adventures, I have been there and done that more than enough! So dialling it down to find some balance seems
  4. My Intro here for some background: I work in Digital Transformation strategy (consulting) and also quite a bit of early stage company acceleration.
  5. Thanks, @Hall89, I'm ramping down from almost daily use for 35 years (with some periods of abstinence here and there) so this is progress for me.
  6. I've found exercise is as good as the Espiride I have been on for anxiety. I've also found brainwave entrainment (https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/isochronicBrainwaveGenerator.php?l=00305030000000000000) to be useful for focus (especially) or relaxation. Also Coherent Breathing rather than Mindfullness and meditation which can make things worse actually for me: https://www.verywellmind.com/an-overview-of-coherent-breathing-4178943. YMMV etc., but I'm pretty much in the same boat as you and this is working for me. Also backed off on the daily weed, limit to a few puffs on a saturday and
  7. Hi folks, I'm glad to have found this place. I 'm 50 now, been around the block many, many times but just recently (well several months ago) decided for a lark to indulge in a stash of acid I'de been hoarding for 10 years or so. The trip was great but with a pretty hard comedown, and it felt a little odd, not like the acid I was used to, but still kind of like acid. I'm a veteran and so I know my way around the 'usual' acid variations, and this was definitely just...different. Less visual, hard to put my finger on it. A week later I had some beers, smoked some weed and woke up kind o
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