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  1. P.S.S. If i focus my mind, focus my vision i don't see any hallucinations. Only in mirrors, and for first 30seconds only. + Its not always. If i work on my bike in mornings, its very rare to hallucinations to appier, but later in afternoon.. if only i could stop thinking about it after hard day.
  2. Yo folks. I smoked first time 0.2 No effect, no withdrawal. I smoked week later 0.2 acid Panic attack, little trip, lasted 15mins. Withdrawal, irritable 3days. Smoked month later 1.0 (Strong unknown, not wet(i think non acid) high fun Next day 1.0 high fun. Here we go... First strange thing i noticed, third day i was high in afternoon without weed. Normal week, clear brain. I drunk 0.5l of vodka and next day i got all visual snow symptoms. I was so stressed that i damaged my brain for 2months. Last 2months (4months of visual snow) i started to see things.. some sort of faces or eye
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