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  1. @scaredhuman thanks man, I'm definitely doing pretty well. I've realized my visual problems are pretty insignificant and ignorable unless I'm getting extremely anxious. The last few days have been pretty tough, however, as I made the mistake of getting wrapped up in the r/hppd subreddit and got filled with tons of negativity and worries that recovery is pretty much impossible, which in turn made me focus on the visuals more making me perceive them as even worse, thus producing more anxiety. The contrast between the positive and helpful community on this site and the existential negativity
  2. Quick Update: Been a little more than a month total since developing HPPD and about 3 weeks since taking adderall and getting a pretty bad flareup. I feel like I'm pretty much back down to baseline and am honestly pretty confused as to where I'm at right now haha. I don't notice the visuals a whole lot anymore, but I can't really tell whether that's because the symptoms are fading or I'm just getting used to them. The only time I really notice symptoms are if my anxiety is in high gear, so I think it's more external things causing anxiety which then causes more noticeable visual symptoms, thus
  3. @Reflector I've found working out to be an anxiety killer as well, but I hadn't heard of brainwave entrainment or coherent breathing until now. They both seem really interesting, but I think meditation and mindfulness are also pretty effective for me, so I'll do some experimenting. Also, damn 35 years? I only had a daily habit for about 2 years rarely being able to handle more than a few days off and straight up cold turkeyed after anxiously downing 1000mg of edibles over the first two days of symptoms. I'm pretty sure the withdrawal is what kicked my ass the first two weeks, but I'm luck
  4. @cosmiccharlie @Hall89 thanks guys, I think I’m gonna hold off on the medication at least for a few months and just see what happens. I’ve been working out daily, eating healthy, and meditating much more after quitting a daily weed habit as well, all of which I was trying to do before the hppd so I’m honestly thankful it drove me to take those steps, especially since I’m a young tech startup founder also about to start university in a few months, so those things were really necessary for my future. Also feeling quite lucky since I’m just left with relatively light visual symptoms now, so I’ll
  5. So, I developed HPPD about 3 weeks ago after going a bit too far microdosing LSD. I had some incapacitating anxiety alongside moderate vs for about a week when the anxiety was replaced by some intense dpdr and brainfog. The week after that I could barley notice anything besides light vs that was unnoticeable unless consciously looking for it on a white wall. Then, about 5 days ago I made the stupid decision to try 10mg of prescribed adderall two days in a row because I thought I might not have legit long-term HPPD. I subsequently received a severe reality check in the form of worsening vs that
  6. So, I’m almost a month into some mild HPPD(vs, trails, dpdr), and although it has been extremely distressing, I can’t help but see some benefits as a creative person interested in the human experience. I’d say my creative abilities have increased pretty noticeably since my onset; I think the dpdr allows for far greater visualization and contemplation that really helps to take an objective perspective on life. I have always been into many different creative areas like fashion, art, architecture, furniture, photography, and even some tech design, so those things have also served as very eff
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