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  1. Bonjour. I always have distortions when I read, letters breathe. It’s weird because I had Visual snow and floating body in 2015 because of anxiety. in 2021 because of anxiety my vs it’s worsened. I tried a magic truffle and after trying that my vs reduced but I had distortion in the reading. do You think my 2015 vs got worse with the distortions when I read or you think I got hppd? My main problem is the distortion (illusion movement) when I read, do you think Dr Schankin could help an hppd problem, like the distortion or Isn’t there something in common?
  2. I have light visual snow. but I got it before I took a magic truffles and floating bodies. I tried the magic truffles and got the distortion. I think the distortion is a visual snow symptom and with the truffle the Vs got worse
  3. MY ONLY SYMPTOM IS WHEN I READ THE SENTENCES BEND, THE LETTERS BREATHE AND MOVE VERY SLIGHTLY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT. There are effects around the word. I have already tried lamitrigine keppra clonazepam, No effect. can be tried sinemet and tolcapome. Tips to reduce please or similar experiences.
  4. MON SEUL SYMPTME EST LORSQUE JE LIS LES PHRASES SE COURBENT, LES LETTRES RESPIRENT ET SE DÉPLACENT TRÈS LÉGÈREMENT DE GAUCHE À DROITE. Il y a des effets autour du mot. J'ai dejé essayé lamitrigine keppra clonazépam, Aucun effet. peut être essayé sinemet et tolcapome. Conseils pour réduire s'il vous plaît ou expériences similaires.
  5. hello, I read a French article. a woman with a strong visual perception. He was prescribed rivastigmine and all his symptoms decreased sharply. Has anyone ever tried it? https://www.lemonde.fr/blog/realitesbiomedicales/tag/distorsions-visuelles/
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