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  1. if you're 37 and you made a recovery from your 20s; In my opinion you are well-qualified to recover again. Fear is the mindkiller as is said in the dune series. Practice breathing, take a walk, let your visuals take over, you may find they aren't that powerful. I had 20 years or so of "no symptoms" but what that really means to me is that i ignored them successfully for that long. Earlier this month i did something totally nuts, and took .2 g of psylicibin cubensis, usually not enough for a full on trip. but now i've got some recovering to do myself. the anxiety is what se
  2. I presume that this is the same HPPDonline that existed back then. If so, wow! what a difference 20 years makes. I remember logging on via dial up in my totally freaked out state looking for a "cure" for this issue. I was searching for a book called "The Happiness Purpose" by Eduard De Bono, couldn't find it anywhere. My HPPD was triggered by a simple joint. I was 20 years old and I ended up buying a copy of Dianetics at my cousins suggestion. To those of you who know, you already know what I'm about to drop. I got into scientology from what they call the "drug route" and did
  3. My cousin practices the wim hoff method and though she has not openly told me that she hallucinates daily, it's pretty obvious. It made a big difference for her. Not sure about it helping the hallucinations though.
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