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  1. Maybe its related to the stress I already been to the neurologist she told me that migraine with aura are crisis and my visuals symptoms are constant so I don’t know I’ m kind of lost .I Also recently saw Halos especially around car’s heaghlights. Have you recovered for you HPPD ?don’t know if im having HPPD the only things I Know is that since this use of acid and this Bad trip I’ m not the same anymore and Im worried about staying like this for Life
  2. Ok thank you In the beggining I had a strong headache still have but I think less thanks god. And I felt like my vision was shaking, then I started to have a lot of floaters and photophobia which is for me the worst thing right now I can’t enjoy a sunny day or go to a place with a lot of lights without having strong headache I hope One day its gonna be better because I m a Little hopeless. And then maybe One week laters I Woke up with Visual Snow. Since this day I never took psychedelics only drank alcool but my simptoms were worse the next day so I stopped that too. I took Benzos but I
  3. Hello everyone, to start sorry for my Bad english I’m from PORTUGAL and I’m not that good in English. Back in August I took a pill of ecstasy and had a really Bad trip Can’t remember anything but I saw some vidéos of myself and its scared me. The next day I wasn’t that Bad just felt tired but nothing else. All the problems started four days later with strong headache I was in a state of panic during maybe two weeks and I began to see a lot of floaters and having an extrem light sensivity. And laters I started to have visuals snow and tinnitus and It gave me a lot anxiety and stress. So h
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