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  1. Ok just making sure I'm not missing anything - that was my perception as well - which is that it seems to be very safe. Based on reading through forums. 15 years now and haven't really tried any psyche meds, so I figure it's worth a shot. I appreciate your insight, looking forward to seeing what kind of effect it has on me.
  2. Hi I'm just looking for some opinions. I see the vast majority of people speaking positively of this medication. Has anyone had negative experiences whereby there symptoms were made considerably worse? Thanks in advance, - Brad
  3. Hey Jay, I agree there is no doubt a path and correlated target... I've also done the static YouTube video test multiple times and seen short-lived success.
  4. Yes... it seems too engrained now I can't imagine anything fixing it. But if anyone has had success that would perhaps motivate me to take some action.
  5. Hi there. I've had HPPD since I was about 19... so going on 16 years now. I won't get into all the details but what I'm wondering is if anyone has resolved, or read about someone who resolved their Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (BFEP)? This is probably one of my most annoying symptoms and is prevalent on any large bright surface. Central vision and peripheral. Any feedback would be much appreciated. - Brad
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