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  1. Honestly one of the strangest feelings ever to me it always gives me a feeling of being on ketamime just floating and observing my own actions from above. Amd goodluck with that Oculus man! I put one on once and it spun me out abit too much take it easy don't want your symptoms to flare up
  2. Blue light filter is on and going to start putting my phone down a fair bit more. Just sad because with covid lockdown i can't even leave my hosue only to go to work With the depersonalization it comes in fits and starts, like today in work i was really concentrating and then "bang" I felt like I was just observing what i was just watching over myself from outside, one of the strangest feelings ever. How long have you been suffering with HPPD for?
  3. Gave it some thought and i had been having some alcohol recently nothing in excess only 1 or 2 cans on weekends. I usually have 0 alcohol, iv dropped down on coffee consumption 1 cup in the morning, may have to ditch that too. Iv tried to dramatically drop screen time also due to covid and not being able to do much sucks!! Does anyone else have any depersonalization issues due to the HPPD?
  4. Thank you for the reply, nothing i can put my finger on. Last 2 years id say iv been leading healthy life, took up running and muay Thai. Had a concussion 2 years back, but had scans on that and didn't show any damage to the head as such. Doctors seem pretty focused on blaming this for the cause but i literally have no Headaches that accompany my HPPD symptoms or any other symptoms that accompany concussion or post concussion syndrome. Hopefully the doc is going to get back to me tomoz. Woke up last night as i do most nights and just saw green geometric patters all over my ceiling
  5. Hi there all, sorry if this sort of stuff has been posted about before. Been suffering with HPPD symptoms for some years now, until recently iv never really looked into it as it really hasn't caused me much distress until now. Iv always had the floaters, flashes of light, after images and geometric patterns when in a dark room. But recently the visual snow has seemed to have gotten worse and also the flashes and stats appear every few minutes all day everyday. Along with this now i find it hard to read or concentrate on anything as it just starts to move around, few instances when iv been talk
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