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  1. There was also another person who got in contact with doctor Mark Weatherall and she was able to cure her VSS using a combination of natural supplements he recommended. I will attach a link if you haven’t come across it before. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/overtoaila.com/2020/01/30/visual-snow-syndrome-my-journey-and-cure/amp/
  2. Hey guys I have been meaning to join this forum for a while. I guess my story is somewhat different in the way I developed HPPD as I’ve never taken LSD or shrooms for that matter but ofc there’s different ways in getting it which I’ve now learned through this site. I grew up in Scotland and took drugs at a really early age. After smoking weed I then developed pretty bad social anxiety especially in crowded places but it was manageable. I continued taking drugs most weekends mostly cocaine and occasionally ecstasy with no problems. I did this from about the age of 14 to 23 then deci
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