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  1. My HPPD began last August after some adverse interactions between PCP and anxiety medication I was taking every few hours. Symptoms have definitely improved wirh time after living the sober life for a few months but after beginning to drink and party weekly the symptoms stopped improving at a steady pace and some got worse. My main issues are widespread numbness, foggy mind, and most importantly, distorted depth perception where the world/my surroundings/my own body appear small and far away which drives me nuts as anyone could imagine. Im now giving antipsychotics another shot sin
  2. After years of psychedelic and disassociative use I had no negative lasting effects. I used PCP (Phencyclidime) for the first time at the end of 2018 after my mom suddenly passed away whem I was only 21. I did it a dozen times over about a 1 week period with no lasting effects and stopped after wantimg to improve my life. I began taking Gabapentin daily for hortoble chronic anxiety to help cope with the grief and began taking it 4 times a day (once before bed) for about a year before I emded up with the nastalgic urge to do PCP again. My Gabapentin levels must have been extremely
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