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  1. Thanks for the advice. Living in a country currently where I very much doubt I can get naltrexone from a shrink but will look into it. I didn't have much hope for the SSRIs but decided to respect my first shrinks expertise and go along with it thinking I had nothing to lose. Reawakened my dormant HPPD symptoms and did nothing to diminish my paranoia/DP etc. which I've had ever since I went on a major drinking binge last August. Used to have these feelings for a day or two. Now it's been 8 months or so. No clue why. The lamictal not helping made me jump on the NMDA
  2. I have engaged in many many binge drinking episodes over the last decade or so and began to suffer panic attacks during withdrawal as a result. Hypersensitive receptors? Maybe. I developed HPPD with comorbid DP/DR in 2005 so have a feeling that all of the negative psychological symptoms are linked to this neurological disorder. I have tried SSRIs which did naught to help my psychological problems whilst increasing my visual symptoms and am currently on lamictal (100mg) for five weeks which doesn't seem to be demonstrating much efficacy thus far. I have been reading about the da
  3. Bumping this about six years later and wondering if any more learned individuals than myself can chime in. I wonder if the feedback loops that are referenced could somehow explain my incessant earworms (stuck song syndrome). Perhaps TMS of the VLPFC and TPJ? What do people think?
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