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  1. Thanks. Is there any meds (or other things) that could help we visual symptoms and reduced them (temporary or permanent, whatever)?
  2. Ok, it's just my curiosity - the "hierarchy" of harmfulness/risk for HPPD looks like this LSD> MDMA> WEED> ALCOHOL?
  3. Thanks! You are right Two questions: 1. When you already have a HPPD/VS smoking weed (only once) it is also mistake (like taking once MDMA), am I right? 2. Worsening of symptoms after such one taking mdma (100 mg) - how long can it take to get back to state as before ?
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply, it gave me a lot! I easily understood everything so I can assume that there are not any problems with your language skills Do you remember the start of your symptoms before drugs or do you think you have them since birth? Greets from Poland!
  5. In 2011, during a month, I developed a lot of neurological symptoms (I was 20 and then only marijuana several times in my life) - visual snow, palinopsia after images, floaters and tingling of the whole body (24/7), muscle fasciculations. In 2011-2014 I was diagnosed comprehensively (MRI, cerebrospinal fluid, evoked visual potentials, blood etc.). It only turned out that I was infected with Bartonella. I treated myself for several weeks according to ILADS, but finally I gave up. I have learned to live with these symptoms since accepting treatment failure in 2014. Now some of the symptoms a
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