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  1. Would a dna tracking exam be helpful on our situation? In order to determine the reaction towards a medication, or if it's even suitable for us, or it would be unpredictable to what could cause on our hppd? An example is the people who do this kind of exam to check which medication would be better for their treatment of regular depression. In this case they would receive which med would be suitable for them and which ones they should avoid, because of side effects and efficacy. My point is can we make a dna exam to check if keppra is beneficial or even regular for our organism. If
  2. - I was struggling with insomnia after a long time without having it, but I guess it's because I have a work meeting tomorrow. - So, I decided to do my random check on how things are going on here. I realized something, on the beginning of the last decade you can see a lot of users reporting great improvements by taking Keppra as treatment. Is there any explanation for it, or it was just a cascade effect due placebo? I really don't know. And if it has it's efficacy, knowing what we know nowadays, is there any explanation for it to be different than most meds and having
  3. you said it best brother... (quoting blink182) We just gonna see the results of this catastrophe after everything is fucked.
  4. Don't worry man, it's always good to spread awareness and be responsible to talk your truth to other people, so they can notice stuff they never cogitated. There are a lot of kids that don't even care if they have hppd, they keep using drugs, someday they could regret. I see a lot of people on reedit with this behavior or encouraging it. About the antibiotics, in 2018 when I had just found this forum, I saw a bunch of people complaining or even scared of antibiotics, specially when it was about some med called Cipro. Here is some of the many posts of people claiming that their hppd got wo
  5. Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. About the weed, the thing that made me use it. It was the fact that I was around legalized weed for the first time and I wanted to know how different it was. I haven't used any other drug besides alcohol, nicotine and weed (like once a year) since I got hppd. Now about the Vitamin b3, I am really engaged to try all the alternatives treatments besides meds. That's also one of the reasons I was sharing my experience, all we have to fight this disfunction directly is people's statements and some researches, no big pharmaceutical company by
  6. hey guys, long time since I last posted, but here I am again. So, I have been struggling with hppd since 2018, and since then I wonder the causes of developing it due drug use and why some people develop it and others don't. Anyways, I went on a trip to the Netherlands last month because my girlfriend is from there. We had some days of smoking joints, and when I got back, I realized my afterimages were a bit worse, but it looks like it's improving with time. I was so angry that I couldn't enjoy any substance without having to worry about my vision and anxiety. I just wanted to come
  7. I feel like reddit isn t a good place to talk about hppd, there s a hella of misinformation, I feel like people there threat their condition as a joke. What do u guys think about the r/HPPD sub?
  8. I believe that there isn't a hierachy, because everybody reacts to these kind of substances on their own way, but like Jay said: all psychoactive substances have the risk. But as the hallucinogen class is higher there is a bigger chance of things go to shit. Like I tried weed after spending a year and a half out of these kind of drug, Did nothing to me, but to somebody else could be a worsening experience, like, I remember seeing a post here of a girl that went to hppd2 by smoking weed. I also remember Jay saying that hppd from weed tends to have a good recovery. If u want to tr
  9. Hey there, How r u? I remember, since I was kid, looking things and seeing something that weren t supposed to be there. And I remember having tinnitus. Also remember the day I felt some stronger visuals after a EDM concert, we had a fucking great time that day. Me and my friend we were at his bedroom talking, I looked to the wall and saw a whole lotta quantity of VS. I asked him "hey, does mdma, after using it, fuzzes ur vision too?" He denied. That day, I started looking more about hppd, because I already knew this condition existed.
  10. yo, Im from Brazil, and here, we don t have that attention to hallucinogens type of drugs, specially, because there is a drug war here, like the government (police) and the drug deal of some hard drugs, like crack. Only a few doctors give a shit bout the problems that hallucinogens can drag to someone. I also, before starting using some drugs, had some visual problems (VS, after img, dp/dr and floaters), but it was a thing that I never paid so much attention to it. During a year, I used to smoke weed 4 times a month and used MDMA, MDA and Ecstasy during EDM concerts (Once I
  11. Hi mate, I didn't use that much of clonazepam, because my grandfather was addicted to this for 35 years, I was scared of using it, he died from dementia impacts and consequences. I took it for like two weeks, then, I changed to xanax and valium. (took xanax, here in brazil the brand name is called frontal, for like a month and, after two months without it, took valium for one more month) Nowadays, I take a xanny or valium once in a while, just when I`m very anxious. I could say one large dose (3~4mg of xanax) every two/three weeks, just to black me out and forget the pain.
  12. Hello! Im 19yo, I developed hppd a year and a half ago and always checked this forum, but never had an account. at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression and since I was a kid I felt what we call dp/dr, visual snow and tinnitus. I used to treat anxiety taking sertraline, but stopped before drugs. After starting smoking weed and doing some ecstasy, mdma, mda and cocaine accidentally (who gave it to me told it was mdma), I noticed a lot of worsening in my symptoms, I noticed that I had palinopsia too, I freaked out and got really bad, for like 9 or 10 months.
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