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  1. Same man they said it will go away then they went on to say they had the static and anxiety Lol. They said that they would take me to a doctor but they never did.
  2. @oneofmymistakes it's all good man i told my parents and they completely understood what i was saying. at first they thought i was crazy and thought it was laced weed but i hope you get through this. it's hard to not panic about the symptoms but that's just going to make it worse. Also at such a young age i think we have the best chance of recovery because are brain is still developing and changing in many ways, but damn i wish i can go back my friends go without me and smoke and i'm just sitting at home on my computer playing games while they go have fun. it's really hard THEY EVEN SAID THAT
  3. So it's been 3 weeks since i got hppd from 25 ug and a couple dab pen hits was not a good idea i had a panic attack and kinda just blacked out. so that's how i got it most of my symptoms are gone including my DP/DR Head pressure, anxiety, to strong cev's i do still see after images and a little bit of color changes in my vision but that doe's not bother me i'm only 14 so i was scary at first but i just want to say thank you for your help.
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