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  1. Your heart rate issue is most likely associated with anxiety. Hallucinogens have the potential to greatly worsen anxiety. I have anxiety issues partially related to HPPD, but also partially related to abuse that I experienced as a child. Occasionally I will have a fast heart rate, especially when in uncomfortable environments like a doctor's office. I have learned to control most of my anxiety over many years of meditation and self-reflection. One positive lifestyle adaptation which greatly reduced the number of anxiety attacks that I experience was the elimination of caffeine from my diet. I
  2. I have experienced this very problem. The pressure would come in waves and last for weeks at a time. Physical examinations showed no signs of any issues that would cause said pressure. At some point, these symptoms halted altogether and I haven’t had pressure in my head for over a year. I do however occasionally experience numbness. The only strategy that ever had a significant impact for me was relaxation through music, however this did not fully eliminate the problem. Hopefully your symptoms will pass with time as mine have.
  3. I apologize for the long delay in response, I’ve had a lot change in my life recently and I stepped away from online forums for awhile. I no longer have contact with my mother. The last time that I spoke to her was about three years ago and she blamed me for what she had done. She was investigated when I was much younger, but I was under her influence and I refused to give a statement to the social workers. I truly believe that she is still a danger to others as she remains in contact with some of my nieces and nephews, but the only thing that my counselor could do was issue regular wellness c
  4. It gets better. I was dosed without my knowledge for almost ten years as a child. HPPD was hell at first, but a few lifestyle changes and some support from family has changed my life. I feel much better today even with a few (though much less severe) HPPD symptoms. Stay away from mind altering substances, eat a healthy diet, and train your mind to recognize what's happening when you have symptoms and react accordingly. Recognize that these symptoms cannot really hurt you and a more emotionally draining than anything. Understand that your mind is not broken and you still have your grasp of real
  5. I know of no medicinal treatment for HPPD symptoms, however I have found that mindfulness training has helped me tremendously in controlling the way that I respond to visual symptoms. I find that over a period of time my symptoms have reduced in length and severity through the use of a few calming techniques. Furthermore, I have completely eliminated caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco from my system. HPPD tends to be worsened by any type of mind altering substance or stimulant.
  6. Hello, First I would like to state that reading through this forum has provided me a great deal of support as I have wrestled with my HPPD symptoms. My story is a long one but I'll try to keep it short for my introduction. From the age of approximately nine to eighteen, my mother dosed me with a variety of psychedelics without my knowledge. During this time, I experienced extreme hallucinations. Naturally as a child this confused me greatly. During these trips my mother would tell me that I was being watched by extraterrestrials, government agents, and demons who were trying to possess me
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