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  1. I haven’t tried Keppra, and am on lamictal currently. I came to my neuro asking for Keppra based on anecdotal evidence, but she urged me toward lamictal, as it has a very similar mechanism of action and fewer negative side effects. I am still on too low a dose to really judge its effectiveness, but I can confirm that, thus far, side effects have been very minimal.
  2. Hi friends — My experience with HPPD started about 4 1/2 years ago, with a single dose of MDMA. For me, my symptoms are: anxiety/panic, DP/DR, visual snow, flashing solid colors, some tinnitus, and seeing movement in geometric patterns. Also: I used to always be a “crier” and someone who feels their emotions very deeply. During the first few weeks of HPPD, I cried so much, some times out of misery, some times out of gratitude to still be alive, some times because I heard some beautiful music and felt connected to it. But then after a few weeks my emotionality faded, which
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