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  1. I tried this and it didn't work. I don't think taking clonazepam is worth it as tolerance develops easily with benzos and withdrawal can be awful.
  2. So do you feel like this is an answer to a cure? I've been thinking of trying niacin as a supplement but are there any potential risks or side effects of taking high doses?
  3. ^This. This is what scares me about half of the doctors I see. I never took a medical degree or an interest in science until acquiring this disorder but have somehow more knowledge on drug interactions and medications than actual psychiatrists who prescribe meds. Makes you think that most doctors are only doctors because of money and not because of actual interest in the subject.
  4. I feel like this disorder forces us to learn and acquire some of the basic fundamentals of being a doctor
  5. Also if I may ask Jay, what was your reason for trying these supplements in particular?
  6. Thanks Jay. Yeah I'm thinking of trying this as well. Just desperate for some kind of relief.
  7. I know this post is over 4-years-old but I am suffering extremely bad chest pain and feeling like my heart is pounding out of my chest constantly. Cannot sleep without taking sleeping pills... it's really that bad Do you continue to take these supplements to this day Jay and are they still helping with the chest pains? Anyone else struggle with really bad chest pains especially at night?
  8. After 3 years with HPPD, I have acquired a new symptom. Severe chest pain off and on like I’m having a hard attack. Benzodiazepines do not even help. Even though my doctor says it’s due to anxiety and having a panic attack. Already felt pretty disabled and debilitated by this symptom but now this is just the cherry on top. Anyone else suffer from this. It’s almost like psychosomatic chronic pain in my chest that I experience.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Did you start lamotrigine recently or have you been on it for a while?
  10. So I've been on lamotrigine for a few months. Gradually went up to 100 mg. No sense of side effects but a few days ago symptoms worsened. Just when it seemed the medication was working of course. However, I've heard from you guys that it can take up to a year to really see long lasting changes. What do you guys think - should I remain on 100 mg as to prevent a worsening of symptoms, go down to 75mg which i started noticing improvements and no signs of worsening symptoms, or keep titrating up until 200mg like most people here?
  11. Hi there... just reaching out to everyone. Does anyone who has OCD have experience taking lamotrigine and if so did it help with intrusive thought type OCD? I happen to have severe Obsessional symptoms of OCD and am worried as I have just come off of clomipramine (around a month ago). However, I started on lamotrigine and plan to just stick with that for about a year without adding a SSRI or tricyclical on top of it. Last time i came off my ssri and was on no medication life became a living hell and I had to go as an in-patient to a mental hospital to treat the ocd. I'm hoping lamotr
  12. @justhere Hey, just like everyone else has been saying: hang in there and never give up on life. I know it sounds redundant or repetitive but if you keep repeating it to yourself you can trick your mind into believing it and give yourself the willpower. Side question: Could you elaborate on how clonazepam made symptoms worse? For me and quite a few others it does wonders with helping with visuals, anxiety, dpdr so I'm interested to hear on your experience with it.
  13. I basically got my doctor to prescribe lamotrigine through persistence mainly. I also brought in reputable medical reports and case studies of where lamotrigine was successful and so eventually he abided to prescribing me it.
  14. hmmm in my opinion, if it is your first time taking a medication approach... I would try for either Keppra or Lamotrigine. These meds have been most studied and trailed for the condition of hppd and based on what I've read on this forum have been the most successful.
  15. hmmm I've come across hearing something like that as well. I'm also curious on whether going to see a chiropractor might help... it has been something I have been looking into.
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