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  1. Why because it was fun,felt good, legal, and safe.
  2. Anyone else got it from weed could we swap stories, have you recovered? Symptons
  3. Got hppd from weed a month back, mild case. It was bad for two weeks but then it got better. However i still feel it and it reacts to caffine and nicotine ect. Its not so bad but still anoying. Im doing everything im supposed to for recovery including exercise, positive thinking, no drugs ect. Will i ever be at 100%?will this ever go away? Will i ever be able to smoke weed or drink without a reaction? Has anyone out there been able to kick their hppd and move on? Im hoping that due to the fact that i got it from weed which is a weak substance compared to most substances that cause hppd and tha
  4. Who else has adhd? Got perscribed vyvanse not sure if i should take it yet, got hppd from weed (mild case)so i have no negitive visual symptons that could worsen. Any advice? Any adhd medications that is best for people with hppd. Is it risky to even try it even once?
  5. I got hppd from weed. One day i smoked weed and felt worn out afterwards later that day i smoked again. I used a vape and ended up smoking alot more than i wanted, the weed reacted really bad. even though i was in bed and a experienced smoker it gave me a panic attack aswell i had trouble breathing. Three days later i noticed i havent been feeling normal and found that i may have contracted hppd, i had mild dp dr symtoms visual snow, brain fog, and buzzy feeling in my brain. I was upset at first but in two weeks most of the symtoms went away and i have been left with some mild buzzyness and mi
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