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  1. It really isn't my priority to validate my theory. I would go into neuroscience for that. I just want to see if it correlates with HPPD symptoms so that the focus can maybe shift from the visual problems and onto the changes in the sense of self. I think more people would accelerate their recovery, but that is only in the case where the context of my story is shared by people on this forum. And yea shinzen young pretty much nails the psychological part, which really is what happens in HPPD: DPDR Depression and Dark nights of the soul. But I am pretty sure it must be reversible in the case of
  2. Do you mean that you were disappointed after waiting for something to happen for so long? What did you expect it would do?
  3. Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old guy, and I got HPPD 6 months ago after a very intense trip on a substance I still cannot identify. My story was in a quite different context, which is the reason I believe my HPPD experience was very different from others on the forum, especially how I interpret the disorder. I started doing drugs at 19, from MDMA to LSD to Shrooms to DOB and 2CB, and the same thing used to always fascinate me. There was this "missing piece" in the puzzle of life that was always being seen during these experiences, but fades out after the trip is over. Through later research
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