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  1. That really nice man ! But wich symptom did u have ? Like floater, blue field, after image ? Does the SSRI deleted all of them ? Thx
  2. Nop its not sperm stuff its just black dot on my vision who flashes/twinkles ..
  3. Hi, i have visual snow after used drug (4-FA research chemical) I had visual snow i see only at night, but it dont really annoying me. The worst symptom is those black dots that appear and then disappear on your vision (often at peripheral vision), i think its called blue field entopic phenomeon, but i dont only see when i look the sky but everywhere where its bright, its very killed me ! So someone got a medication or something to atenuate this shit ? Keppra, memantine, lamictal, vitamine ? I don't care about visual snow but wanna cure this black dots ^^ I eat clean, i trai
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