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  1. Cheers for the information, I'll bear it in mind. It's interesting that you say that MDMA induced hppd is pretty horrible, do you think it's different from LSD / weed / shroom induced HPPD? It's not a distinction I've every really noticed while researching HPPD.
  2. Cheers for the advice Jay. I take it that you got HPPD from LSD, then took MDMA and that made your HPPD much worse. Had you taken MDMA at all before you got HPPD from the LSD? If so, had you reacted fine to it previously? Or was it your first time with MDMA when it worsened your HPPD?
  3. True, I understand that a lot of people cite MDMA as causing their HPPD. However I've never had HPPD symptoms arise from MDMA in the past. Last time I took it, in February, I reacted beautifully, so I'm tempted to think I should be okay with MDMA if I steer clear of weed...?
  4. More or less, I was wondering what everyone thought about taking MDMA after recovering from HPPD. If anyone has any of their own experiences as well that would be fantastic. I'll give some background information to my HPPD to help you decide whether you think I could take MDMA again, and just in case anyone is interested in my HPPD journey. I'm pretty sure my HPPD is primarily, if not exclusively weed related. My symptoms have been visual (visual snow, moving lines, and by far my biggest symptom was violent shaking of my peripheral vision), anxiety (largely caused by the vision symptoms), a
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