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  1. Hey Allen, First off, Congrats on the little one on the way buddy! As a father of two little ones I just wanted to assure you that In no way will HPPD determine the type of parent you are. I enjoy every second with my girls and they adore me. Now it may take me a little longer to read them bedtime stories with the text vibrating and all but they just think daddy is a slow reader lol. Best of luck with the meds, I unfortunately have never had any luck with them. I have a great career in the medical field and a wonderful family. HPPD sucks but I learned a while ago it doesn’t have to dicta
  2. Perfect explanation, same goes with trying different medications to. This is what happened to me as well. Didn't realize how much the ssri was effecting my symptoms due to the kpin I was taking along with it. I remember when I first posted on this site I thought klonopin/Celexa was a cure, boy was I wrong. You gave me some suggestions on benzo use etc. which really made me rethink my approach. I thank you for that. At first I was kinda bummed but you were definitely right. Now I think what would my symptoms be like if I would have continued the daily kpin/Celexa mix and then hit tolerance. I'
  3. Trip i don't think that the individuals on this board who offer you advice or warn you of the possible negative outcomes of continuing to smoke weed/do drugs are jealous. Many have been where you are and just don't want you to make the same mistakes as they did. I know it sounds cliche but it's probably true. Also this is a condition that's still in its infancy as far as medical research/studies, possible precipitates, and treatments are concerned. So please don't give into the false assumption that you may never get hppd again. I don't mean to sound harsh or demeaning but its true. I had mi
  4. And............cricketts...............lol
  5. And............cricketts...............lol
  6. So I actually posted back in September somewhat of an intro talking about my klonopin/Celexa experience. I'll try to keep from boring you guys with a long story but just wanted some opinions on what exactly is going on with me. So when I was 15 I did lsd like twice. Never a lot but I was young and experimental. Probably a week or two after my last trip I smoke some weed and had an intense dp/dr episode with panic attack. Actually went to hospital cause I thought I was dying. The dp was so intense I literally felt like I was outside of my body looking down from above (it was weird shit) thankfu
  7. Jay I've had a few neurofeed back sessions here in the US so far and it's amazing man. I haven't had a qEEG due to the fact there pretty expensive. The sessions themselves are expensive but worth it man. I'm doing my 5th session tomorrow and I can already tell a huge difference. I always end my sessions where my practitioner places the electrodes over the calming area of my brain and I swear I feel like I took a klonopin when i leave it's awesome. I started the neurofeed back along with nutrient therapy after my Celexa/klonopin combo didn't work out so well. Celexa totally made me worse and I'
  8. Celexa20mg with 1mg klonopin. Backstory I was 16 yrs old when I first went to a rave and dropped acid can't remember how much but I ate a few cubes. Noticed no symptoms after that however my second experience with lsd was taking only half a gell tab stayed up all night having a horrible semi trip. Few weeks after that smoked weed and had a severe panic attack that landed me in the ER. Since then over a matter of weeks I noticed floaters/ blue ectopic phenomenon. Few weeks later I noticed the slight trails and ghosting images. I never really knew if this was 100 percent from drug use or just a
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