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  1. Hey Penny arcade. I posted pretty much everything I dealt with above. I absolutly agree that it is frustrating to deal with doctors who don't know about the effects this can have. there is a naturopath on youth called candida crusher. Hes a little old fashioned but he has an entire channel based on these things. I really feel hppd and this are related is because people who had bad drug experiences related feelings of helpless to those drugs. Candida had very strong effects on my mental state, but as i said it gets immensly better. I continue to eat in the same way of vegetables, meats and oil
  2. Great I'm glad some people are taking this into account. I wish you all luck!
  3. I appreciate your point. I have heard this as well and I believe that even if someone does have hppd that it would help. I however believe that I didn't have hppd at all and that it was just stress and anxiety making me believe it was.
  4. Hello. This is my first post. I'm sorry for the length but I didn't want to miss anything. I strongly urge you to read this because maybe I can't help everyone but I know I can help people with this information. I used to visit this website because I was absolutly sure I had hppd. I experienced a bad acid trip approximately 6 months ago. I essentially had a panic attack mixed with acid and I thought I was going to die. When I came out of it I felt as if I couldn't feel emotion anymore. However, the next day I woke up and felt ok so I never did acid again but I continued to smoke weed. Now My h
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