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  1. its a little bit risky ... that s right ... i just want to tell that i made good experience with it ... i take it for about 8 weeks ... i will keep posting my experience with it .. and if side effects appearing i will tell ..
  2. it's not very researched ... everyone should decide to take or not ... i just wanna say that it helps me ...
  3. sure i can ... it helped my dp/dr symptoms ... this is what messed me up ... it doesnt help visuals but its not the problem for me. the dp/dr symptoms are the sickest problems for me, that make my life less livable ... when this symptoms become less i' m feeling more happy every day. now i feeling more alive ... i read about keppra and experiences here in this forum ... but this stuff is really hard ... i dont wanna take it cuz the side effects ... diphenidine gives me my personality back ... thats what i want and what makes this desease less wicked ... it helps ... now i m going out and
  4. i' m telling a little bit more ... i got this disease 11 years ago ... i tried a lot of different stuff ... beginning with SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) ... a standard medication from neurologist in germany after i told about hppd ... this is not good and didnt helped ... it becomes even worse ... optical perception problems got stronger and it really really didnt helped ... doctors cant help cuz they dont know anything about it. u even know more about your illness than any kind of doctor ... this f*cked me up really hard ... i tried different substances without success ... i t
  5. Hello ... i just tried a research chemical named "Diphenidine" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diphenidine) ... Wiki: ... "Diphenidine and related diarylethylamines have been studied in vitro as treatments for neurotoxic injury and are antagonists of the NMDA receptor." ... it helped me a lot ... i m feeling more alive than ever ... i dont wanna say, u should take this stuff too... research chemicals are not approved for human consumption so take care if u use it, i must say ... u got experience with this stuff or with other nmda antagonists? just post it! i m very interested
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