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  1. Did it affect your visuals Jay? Because i do not have dp/dr.
  2. Can we take this drugs, somebody tried it? It's a downer right? I know all other drugs is a no for us.
  3. So iam sorry aggressive men. Iam new here and i only want to know what is all your expericience with drugs. Its hard to say no to drugs when you are on a party with thousands people and you know you are the only one that is sober. So i thought maybe GHB is possible, without problems for the HPPD.
  4. Hello, sorry for my english, iam from the Netherlands. I have HPPD for about 5 years now, i get it from strong dutch XTC. It is getting better now so i want to try some drugs again. My question is, is it possible to take some GHB or cocaine when we still have HPPD? I know it sounds stupid to take drugs again but there must by something wat we can take. Thanks.
  5. I Hello, Sorry for my English I'm from the Netherlands. 5 years ago I got HPPD after strong XTC. It is getting better but still I have complaints. Now my question, is it possible to take cocaine?
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