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  1. Ok so a complete shot in the dark here but we know that the more you think about hppd the worse it is. So what if we give ourselves some kind of amnesia that makes us forget we ever acquired hppd. We wouldn't be thinking about it at all then. This is probably really far fetched but whatever i just thought about it so i figure i might as well think out loud.
  2. Thats awsome. Ive had hppd for over a month which isn't shit compared to you but I've already started to change my lifestyle in the past couple weeks. I was getting high everyday until i found out several weeks ago that i have hppd and haven't smoked since. Ive also been living a healthier life, started exercising again, and eating better because people said that helps. Reading this has assured me that continuing this really will help. Thank you. Im really motivated now. I really can't tell you hoe much this helps me.
  3. Just got done reading good amount of posts on here about opiates. Seems that the effects of opiates differ greatly from person to person which I'm starting to realize is the case with most things hppd related. At least now i know how they affect me an i can move on from here.
  4. WORSE. Pain killers defiantly make it worse. My hppd is most prominently Visual Snow but I ate 4 of these codeine pills about an hour ago and not only is the VS worse but i now have dancing/flickering shadows. I usually only see these shadows in my peripherals but they're right in front of me now. I also feel a little disassociated. Kinda weird.
  5. Yeah dude I saw your story on another post. That really sucks that you got this after such a small amount of drug use. You defiantly got screwed over. i gotta admit i kinda had i t coming. I always thought I would be able to do whatever the hell i wanted and my body would withstand and recover. Never thought in a million years something like this could happen.
  6. So i see all this talk about how benzo's, mostly klonopins, and muslerelaxers like valium help out with some peoples hppd. I haven't seen any talk about what plain ol painkillers do. I am back from college for fall break and I just found a bottle of codeine pills in my house and i have a hard time not putting them up my nose if I know they're available haha. These are really weak killers but ya know whatever haha. I just blew down one of em and I can't really tell if my VS is worse or same as before. I might just think it is worse because i am thinking about it. Plus I am typing this o
  7. your hppd got worse through adderol use? was that like a temporary worsening for a day or two after or permanently worse?
  8. Damn. yeah i kinda already accepted I had it. Its really been bumming me out. Im trying to look on the bright side though. Ive been using a lot of drugs for a while now and I've been meaning to quit so this is like a wake up call. Now I HAVE to quit. So i figure getting hppd is good for me in away.
  9. I know what you mean. I was sick the past week or so and it was defiantly worse. I think its because i got pretty dehydrated when I was sick and the dehydration made it worse.
  10. Does anybody know if uppers have an effect on hppd? Have you all had any experience with coke and hppd? I haven't done any blow since I've had hppd but i feel like that might be a drug that wouldn't have an effect. I am prescribed vyvanse though and whenever i take that it seems to make it worse. What do y'all think?
  11. Hey everyone. I guess ill start at the beginning. About 4 and a half weeks ago I bought a strip of 2c-i. I was told it was acid at the time. If i had known it was some research chemical fuckery i probably would not have got as much or at all. Actually I hadn't ever thought about it till now but I also bought H for the first time that day and I'm just now realizing that may have played a part. Or not. I really have no clue but i figure I might as well give the full story. So I started out by snorting some H and taking 2 hit of the 2c-i. My friend did the same. We walked to our buddies ho
  12. Aighty just made an account. Im still debating on whether or not i have hppd but based on everything I've read(a lot) I'm pretty sure i do. Like I said its only been a month so idk if that is long enough to be sure.
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